Click the link below for lists of some music users who have defaulted in the payment of their 2018 Copyright Fees.



The Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) is duly authorized by written assignments and affiliated to composers’ societies all over the world through the execution of reciprocal representation agreements with Societies outside Ghana whose works Ghana protect under treaty and other international treaties. Click the link below for list of sister socities Societies.

GHAMRO is the authorised music collecting management organization (CMO) by the Copyright Act 2005, Act 690 and the Coptright Regulations 2010, L.I. 1962, and approved by the Ministry of Justice and Attorney-Generals' Department to license, collect and distribute royalties accruing to music authors and owners of copyright and related rights. .


The aim of these rules is to ensure that GHAMRO offers high quality services to its members as well as other sister societies GHAMRO has signed representation agreement with. Harmonising the principles applied to the distribution rules will allow GHAMRO to share resources and increase efficiency and transparency.
This document sets out the standards to be met by GHAMRO in the implementation of its distribution policies. These principles will be updated occasionally as technology and good practices develop over time.

Click on the link below to download full Distribution Rules.

Distribution Rules

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Animated debate at the gender equality panel at the CISAC General Assembly. Photo © CISAC

CISAC Highlights – June 2018

In June, the CISAC General Assembly drew authors and societies to Warsaw to present developments in key campaigns, modernise CISAC’ membership rules and invigorate the debate on gender equality in creative industries.  CISAC President Jean-Michel Jarre lobbied for the Copyright Directive draft during a cultural heritage conference in Brussels. Meanwhile, the confederation continued to put pressure on Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine to guide the countries into correcting or improving their legislation on behalf of creators.

Collective management comes together at General Assembly in Warsaw (June 1st)

CISAC President Jean-Michel Jarre welcomed authors and societies to Poland for the CISAC General Assembly, hosted by CISAC founding member ZAiKS. The assembly underscored CISAC’s mission in the digital era, with addresses by CISAC Board Chairperson, Director General, ZAiKS Vice President Miłosz Bembinow and Polish Undersecretary of State Paweł Lewandowski. New membership rules, the result of a three-year preparation and consultation, were adopted to clarify a new status for new entities while safeguarding the core values and principles of CISAC membership. The Assembly reviewed campaigns on the transfer of value, remuneration right for audiovisual authors, private copying and resale right.

A gender equality panel drew attention to gender and pay gaps in creative and cultural industries and presented an action plan. It was moderated by ARS Vice President Janet Hicks and comprised of BURIDA Director General and Regional African Committee Chair Irène Vieira; Directors UK Director Delyth Thomas; ASCAP Board Member and composer Alex Shapiro; APRA AMCOS CEO and CISAC Board of Directors Vice-Chair Brett Cottle; and Pauwke Berkers of University of Rotterdam. JASRAC Chairperson Haku Ide invited participants to the 2019 General Assembly which will take place in Tokyo on May 30th, 2019.



CISAC draws attention to the role of efficient CMOs in protecting creators during a seminar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Photo © IPOBIH

CIAM Executive Committee meets in Warsaw (June 2nd-3rd)

The CIAM ExCo met on the occasion of CISAC’s General Assembly. CISAC Director of Legal Affairs, Director of Operations and Communications joined CIAM Executive Committee members for discussion on the Private Copying Global Study. CISAC Communications presented their work as well as initiatives in web, social media and media relations that could support the CIAM 3.0 initiative by CIAM President Eddie Schwartz as well as to strengthen CIAM’s regional alliances. The meeting also examined gender equality actions in the sector as well as received a presentation by renowned artist and composer Imogen Heap on her Creative Passport project.

CISAC Regional Office for Latin America and Caribbean starts transition (June 4th-28th)

The CISAC Regional Office for Latin America & the Caribbean has begun the handover between the current and new Regional Directors. Rafael Fariñas, who will become the new CISAC Regional Director, will work to develop the Strategic Plan for Latin America and the Caribbean. This proposal will be analysed in Buenos Aires on July 23rd with the Latin American Committee Chair and Board of Directors.

CISAC promotes member society AMUS in Bosnia and Herzegovina (June 5th-6th)

CISAC Regional Director for Europe participated in a collective rights management seminar in Mostar. Co-organised by WIPO and the Bosnia and Herzegovina Intellectual Property Institute, the event focused on CMOs, broadcasters, cable operators and enforcement agencies. CISAC detailed its governance model and the role of efficient CMOs in facilitating access to culture and protecting creators. The Regional Director called for a solution to the ongoing dispute between AMUS and Bosnian public broadcasters.


CISAC draws attention to the role of efficient CMOs in protecting creators during a seminar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Photo © IPOBIH

Music industry in Africa:  CISAC and PASCA join Think Tank at MIDEM (June 7th)

CISAC supported the Pan-African Confederation of Composers and Songwriters (PACSA) at a workshop at the international music conference MIDEM on strategies for developing music market infrastructure, training and communications in Africa. PACSA President Sam Mbende and CIAM Board Member Jorg Evers joined over 40 representatives from governments, member associations, digital services, publishers and labels. PACSA’s priorities will be reflected in a White Paper to be published by MIDEM.

CISAC joins training by NORCODE Asia-Pacific region in Kathmandu (June 11th-12th)

In cooperation with WIPO Academy, Norwegian Copyright Development Association (NORCODE) organised a training programme on collective management of copyright and related rights for over 20 Asia-Pacific CMO and copyright office official delegates in Kathmandu on June 4th-14th. The programme included a series of events, classes and a study visit to the Nepalese CMO. On June 11th-12th, CISAC Regional Director for Asia-Pacific was invited to speak on topics including best practices of collective management of authors’ rights, distribution and good governance.


CISAC promotes best collective management practices during a WIPO Academy and NORCODE training programme in Kathmandu. Photo © CISAC

CISAC raises concerns over lack of payments for audiovisual works in Bulgaria (June 18th)

CISAC drew attention to the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture about the lack of payments by the majority of cable operators for the use of audiovisual works. The letter follows up on the CISAC European Committee resolution regarding the issue. CISAC also sent a legal analysis to the Ministry, which argues that the Bulgarian Copyright Act should be interpreted consistently with international norms to allow for effective protections of local and international audiovisual creators for cable and satellite retransmission.

CISAC promotes audiovisual authors rights at Cultural and Economic Importance of Film and the Role of Copyright forum in Shanghai (June 19th)

CISAC Regional Director for Asia-Pacific spoke at a forum titled Cultural and Economic Importance of Film and the Role of Copyright forum in Shanghai. The forum was co-organised by WIPO and the National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC) during the 21st Shanghai International Film Festival.  The Regional Director called for stronger protection for audiovisual authors and promoted the audiovisual remuneration right campaign.  He emphasized that a balanced protection approach to major stakeholders (e.g., authors, performers and producers) would be the most effective way to ensure the development of the audiovisual and film industry in China.


CISAC calls for greater audiovisual author protections at the Cultural and Economic Importance of Film and the Role of Copyright in Shanghai. Photo © CISAC

CISAC urges Ukraine to address deficiencies in newly adopted collective management law (June 19th)

CISAC wrote to the President of Ukraine, asking him to veto the recently adopted Law 7466 on collective management of rights. CISAC drew attention that, despite being a step forward, the law still suffers from significant deficiencies. If these deficiencies are not corrected, it will not provide the necessary “one-stop shop” licensing solutions in Ukraine, preventing efficient and transparent collective management. CISAC and GESAC raised concerns before the EU Commission as part of the ongoing EU-Ukraine IPR dialogue.

CISAC President full-page interview in France’s Le Monde newspaper (June 19th)

France’s Le Monde newspaper sat down with CISAC President Jean-Michel Jarre for a major full-page interview, timed to immediately precede a key vote on the Copyright Directive by the European Parliament. Headlined “We must prevent YouTube from becoming an abusive monopoly”, the Q&A extensively covered CISAC’s priorities concerning the Directive.

CISAC sends objections to proposed Romania copyright act amendments to Prime Minister (June 21st)

CISAC expressed its objections to proposed Romanian Copyright Act amendments in a letter to the Romanian Prime Minister. If adopted, these amendments would have a significant impact on UCMR-ADA’s ability to collect due royalties for public performance of musical works efficiently. To guarantee “one-stop shop” licensing in line with best global practices and taking into account Eastern European market specificities, CISAC recommended the implementation of a proper extended collective licensing scheme.

CISAC notifies large users about end of negotiation period in Guatemala (June 25th)

Following the actions of CISAC and the Memorandum of Understanding of Mexico in Guatemala in April, as well as signing a tariff agreement with SKY, CISAC informed major cable and television users in Guatemala that the current negotiation period will end on July 15th. This negotiation is part of the cooperation programme coordinated by CISAC and the MoU of Mexico.

CISAC President Jean-Michel Jarre policy speech in European Parliament before copyright vote (June 26th)

Electronic music composer and CISAC President Jean-Michel Jarre spoke at the European Parliament during the “Cultural heritage in Europe: linking past and future” conference. The conference sought to highlight the importance and diversity of European culture. It also gave the opportunity to address the need for Europe to adopt the directive in order to ensure that creators are fairly remunerated. Excerpts from the speech can be read here.

CISAC presents on copyright at Heidelberg Centre for Latin America (June 26th-27th)

CISAC Regional Director presented a module on copyright and dispute resolution to lawyers from Latin American countries as part of the prestigious Magister of International Law at the Latin America Heidelberg Centre.

CISAC trains new APA-Paraguay Director General (June 26th-29th)

CISAC Regional Office of Latin America and the Caribbean offered a training programme for the new APA General Director Enrique Villalba. The programme included an introduction to licensing, documentation and distribution as well as CISAC Professional Rules and the core responsibilities of a director in a collective management society. This training follows the recruitment of the new APA Director General.

CISAC and KOMCA meet National Copyright Administration of China in Beijing (June 29th)

CISAC and KOMCA met with the National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC) to strengthen cooperation.  The KOMCA delegation, led by KOMCA Chairman Hong Jin Young, met with Copyright Department Director General Yu Cike. Mr. Hong briefed NCAC on recent developments in Korea and proposed closer cooperation in copyright protections, particularly for Korean music in China.


CISAC and KOMCA visit the National Copyright Administration in China to increase cooperation for copyright protections. Photo © CISAC

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